Hi I'm Beatrice! 🇭🇰 🇯🇵 🇺🇸 香港人
Hi I'm Beatrice! 🇭🇰 🇯🇵 🇺🇸 香港人

Hi I'm Beatrice! 🇭🇰 🇯🇵 🇺🇸 香港人

bea’s black friday-cyber monday picks
growing a human, on an 18 month sabbatical to explore what’s next

This is where you can keep up with my life!

  • I occasionally write about navigating a career with ADHD, managing a team, my obsession with productivity routines, and health tech.
  • I'm based in Denver, CO and have a huge passion for good food. You'll find more food content on my instagram @hellofrombea 🍣
  • I update this page every few months.



currently taking an 18 month sabbatical as I enter motherhood and explore what’s next in my career.


I was the Director of Ops at soona - welcome to the fast casual content experience. get pro photo and video by heading to soona.co. use code BEATRICE for your first photo on me.

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Goals for 2022

see how I'm tracking here
  • to be at ease with the fact that things will shift and change
  • to be at ease with all that needs to be done
  • to feel at ease as I learn and grow

💻 Create passive income

To do this I’m thinking about

  • an investment property (Airbnb or Cabin)
  • creating a resource that can be purchased (template or a guide)

success: have one new stream of passive income by the end of 2022


🏋🏼  Improve my health

I’m focusing on strength, stress, and metabolic health this year. I’d like to

  • Average 80 on my levels score month over month
  • Sleep 7 hrs per night (90% of the time)
  • Run a 10 minute mile for a 10k
  • Eat more low carb and nutritious meals

success: hitting my levels, running, or sleep goal


🧭 Be on time

Haven't cracked the code on how to make this a habit yet but being on time for personal activities would probably be nice for my friends.

  • do not try to add another activity in before one starts - I always underestimate how long things will take.

success: look back at each month and see if I’ve been on time more than 75% of the time.


🐶 Time with the pup

Bleu and I hang out a lot but I want to be more intentional about our hangouts.

  • Take bleu to the park or fetch once a week.
  • Play with him for 10 minutes at least once a day.
  • Walk together twice a week.

success: qualitatively feel like I’ve spent more intentional time with bleu in 2022 than 2021


📚 Learn a new skill

I’d like to learn the basics of Computer Science this year.

  • I’m working on cs50 right now, spending 3 hours a week on it.

success: be able to (1) Use google appscript and (2) Make a basic to do list app by end of 2022


🛍  Spend mindfully

I purchase a lot of things. I love shopping. This year I’d like to spend more money on experiences and things that have long term impact. I’d like to stop impulse buys.


🎨  Create space for creativity

  • Bring one of my ideas to life this year as a passion project
  • Paint digitally or physically
  • Write more on squirrel thoughts

success: have one hour every month towards something creative

Looking for..

  • A friend in the startup space?
  • A mentor to help in your early career? Interested in a career shift? Chat about managing a team? Want a job at soona.co?
  • Guidance on navigating ADHD as a professional

🎉 Let's chat

  📧  b@beatriceleung.com