bea’s black friday-cyber monday picks

💸 Splurge picks

  • Airpods Pro 2 - $50 off at $200 on Amazon
    • Noise Cancelling wireless earbuds
    • Comes in three ear tip sizes with a fit test
    • Location tracking + can ping it to find it under the couch
  • Kindle Paperwhite $45 off at $95 on Amazon
    • Great for reading during day + night and direct sunlight
    • Charges via USB C + waterproof
    • 8GB lets you read multiple books at once one one device
  • Sony XM4 + XM5 over the ear noise canceling headphones
    • XM4s are $122 off at $228 on Amazon
    • XM5s are $50 off at $348 on Amazon
    • Super light weight but good quality
    • Charges via USB C and comes with headphone cable for flights
    • Comes with a hardshell travel case
  • Oura Ring 3rd gen $50 off at $400 on ouraring.com
    • Tracks HRV for exercise and sleep
    • Offers insight into sleep, activity, and stress (via HRV)
    • Looks just like regular jewelry and very comfortable to wear
    • Ladies! It can track your temp for ovulation see more https://www.naturalcycles.com/oura
  • Eight Sleep Pod Cover at $250 off the pod cover on eighsleep.com
    • Lets you control the temp of the bed with split setting (one side cold, one side hot)
    • Gentle vibration to wake you up
    • Sleep and health tracking through HRV + sleep time (I don’t use this but if you don’t wear other healthtech gadgets this is a nice built in option!